Our services

Conceptual Design

We sit down with you and discuss your needs. We help you understand what technology is available to meet those expectations and how much they cost. We show examples to help you envision those soutions.

Design Development

We help you prioritize your needs to make the best budgetary decision. We work with your project designers to make sure the technology fits, integrates with your overall vision, and operates perfectly.

Contract Documentation

We put together a clear technical document package that will encourage fair and competitive pricing.

Bidding / Negotiation

We help you make sense of the proposals, providing you a clear summary of your available options.

Contract Administration

We actively participate in the construction process, ensuring that the systems, and their related infrastructure, are properly installed. We work together will all team members to manage any changes and adjustments.

Commissioning / Final Testing

We test every aspect of the technology solution from end to end, ensuring optimal performance. We review as-built documentation for accuracy and completeness.